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Enterprise Software has more or less been found  in the boring bucket, when being described to anyone that cares.

However, SaaS is changing that perception and here is a list of 21 new wave SaaS companies, that you may or may not have heard of, that are making enterprise software less boring and bringing sexy back, to software.


1. Base CRM


What they do – Sales CRM Platform helping teams win more deals. With more than 6.5k customers Base has impressive claims to Increase Productivity by 78%, Increase user adoption by 95%, Boost average win rate by 65%

Why it’s Sexy – Great design, easy data import options, drag and drop and a cool mobile App.

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2. Pipetop

What they do – Data-Qualified Prospects for Smart Sales Teams

Why it’s Sexy -Super targeted prospects without annoying sales research – saving up to 30% of sales team’s time.

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3. Envoy


What they do – They just killed the reception sign in book with secure, seamless visitor registration.

Why it’s Sexy – iPad visitor sign in and pre-registration just far sexier than a sign in book.

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4. Vidyard


What they do – Video Marketing and Sales enablement. Turns views into Sales. Integrates with the leading CRM and Sales Automation platforms

Why it’s Sexy – Customisable video players to match your branding with built in analytics and no coding skills required

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5. Webydo


What they do – Code Free, web design responsive software.

Why it’s Sexy – Empowers designers to bring their website designs to life without the need for developers as Webydo translates the designs into code.

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6. CoSchedule


What they do – Content Marketing, Social Media Editorial Calendar.

Why it’s Sexy – Drag and drop, neat plugin for wordpress. We use it at SaaScribe.

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7. ChartMogul

chartmogul logo

What they do – SaaS analytics for Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, Chargify and CSV.

Why it’s Sexy – Great design helping make SaaS Metrics sexy and helping SaaS companies get accurate SaaS Metrics.

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8. Algolia

algolia logo

What they do – Hosted Cloud Search as a Service.

Why it’s Sexy – Instant search results. Thats cool.

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9. Betterworks

betterworks logo

What they do – Goal Setting software for the Enterprise. Read more here

Why it’s Sexy – Solved the problem of the old way of goal setting that was Silo’d, unscalable and boring with great looking, easy to use, integrated software.

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10. Pipedrive


What they do – Sales CRM made by Sales Pro’s

Why it’s Sexy – Modern UI, Drag and Drop, Deals Timeline View is a neat feature.

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11. Front


What they do – Shared Inbox for teams to collaborate on email, Twitter and SMS, used by Slack, Mailchimp and Dropbox amongst others.

Why it’s Sexy – “Like Slack, but for external communication” Hiten Shah

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12. Domo

domo logo

What they do – Business Intelligence, now known as a Business Management Platform

Why it’s Sexy – According to Domo: “Better than BI, bigger than analytics, beyond big data” According to SaaScribe: “It looks the bomb. Give me one of those Domo’s please!”

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13. Wrike


What they do – Project Management Software and Collaboration tool, named a Cool Vendor by Gartner in 2014

Why it’s Sexy – Great Interface, Cool iPhone app and integrates with pretty much everything.

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14. Aircall

aircall logo

What they do – Phone support made easy. An app that you can install and setup in minutes to have your business providing a pro phone support system.

Why it’s Sexy – Collaboration features, CRM integration, great UI and easy to use.

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15. Mixpanel

mixpanel logo

What they do – Analytics platform for mobile and web, backed to the tune of $65 Million from Andreessen Horowitz and used by 3,305 companies including and Airbnb

Why it’s Sexy – Mixpanel enables you to ask more of your data in style.

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16. Vend


What they do – Retail Point of Sale Software

Why it’s Sexy – Killed the cash register with this sleek, easy to use POS software. Read more in this interview with Vend CEO, Vaughan Rowsell

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17. Unbounce

Unbounce logo

What they do – Landing pages that don’t need IT skills to build

Why it’s Sexy – Cool Templates, easy to use and mobile responsive. Did we mention you don’t need IT skills to use?

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18. Sniply


What they do – Social Media Conversion

Why it’s Sexy – Allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any piece of content, helping drive traffic back to your site. Like!

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19. Balsamiq


What they do – Rapid Wireframing tool

Why it’s Sexy – Recreates the effect of sketching on a whiteboard, but using your computer.

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20. Sunrise


What they do – Calendar App, acquired by Microsoft. Read about that here

Why it’s Sexy – Voted best calendar app for iPhone, Sunrise looks great and supports google calendar, outlook, iCloud and more.

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21. HelpScout


What they do – Help Desk platform with no frills that is used by over 4000 companies including Basecamp, AngelList and Buffer.

Why it’s Sexy – Their focus on great customer experience.

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by Alex Theuma @alextheuma

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