4 Content Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Boost Your Startup’s Growth

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I bet you heard it all already:

“Publishing quality content = more qualified visitors, leads and users”,

“Good content = raving fans”, or

“Content is the only way to grow a SaaS startup”.

But here’s the brutal truth about content marketing:

It takes bloody ages to yield any serious results.

Start a blogging today and it will be months before you see any serious return on the effort. And that’s assuming that you publish quality content on regular basis.

Or…will it?

You see:

You could also boost your startup’s growth by incorporating content strategies designed to increase brand awareness, attract qualified website traffic and generate leads.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this post…and how you could use those strategies to promote your startup.

Intrigued? Let’s rock it then.

1.    Repurpose ALL Your Content

You know:

During the time it takes you to read this post, your competitors are going to publish new articles, Slideshare presentations, guides, tutorials, videos, podcasts, announce a webinar….you name it.

And it might feel like you’ve no chance to overdo them…

Well, not unless you start repurposing your content.

The concept of content repurposing is simple – you take a piece of content and rework it for a different purpose.

Doing so saves you time. And publish more information without actually producing more original content.

Repurposing also helps increase brand exposure by allowing you to reach people via different channels.

And helps you connect with users at different stages of the buying cycle. After all, not everyone’s looking for snackable, quick blog posts. Some users might need more in-depth information. Others will not even want to consume content on your site.

And thus, by repurposing every content piece, you can generate more information, spread your reach and increase chances of being found.

Here’s an example illustrating how you could repurpose a single blog post:

  1. Convert it into a Slideshare presentation,
  2. Record an audio version and publish as a podcast,
  3. Submit an abbreviated version to Linkedin Publisher,
  4. Tweet key points from it,
  5. Convert into downloadable resources such as checklists or cheat sheets,
  6. Conduct an interview on the post’s topic and publish on your blog,
  7. Create a roundup on the topic. Then post it on your blog and promote heavily on social media.

2.    Guest Post on Leading Industry Sites

When you’re trying to promote your startup, you really have two options:

Build it and hope for the users to come.

Or… try to introduce the product to as many people as possible. And build reputation, awareness and trust in the product.

Now guess which option works better….

Ahah, exactly.

And since you have no audience of your own, the quickest way to achieve it is through guest posting.

Although scoffed by many as an inferior strategy, guest posting is one of the quickest wins in content marketing.

It gives you a chance to present your product to large numbers of people who might already be experiencing the problem your product’s solving. Hell, some of them might even be looking for a solution already.

And publishing on sites they frequent gives you a chance to connect with them. Offer them advice they might be lacking. And build your reputation in the process.

All while delicately introducing your product to them too.

Example: Buffer grew their user base from 0 to 100k in 9 months exclusively through guest posting.

3.    Create Content Based Micro Tools

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of tools?


But in content marketing, tools could be anything that helps potential buyers overcome a specific problem:

  • Guides,
  • Templates,
  • Worksheets,
  • Reference materials,
  • Galleries and much more.

At some point Viral Sweep based their content marketing strategy on this Advanced Guide to Sweepstakes, an interactive guide to running sweepstake promotions for Ecommerce brands.


AdEspresso built Facebook Ads Gallery to help spread the word on their brand and attract potential users:


When I Work developed a set of Excel templates for Employee scheduling.


The examples are plenty.

But why content based micro tools?

For one, because they go viral. Information about a good content based tool will spread, fast. Not to mention that you could also build virality into it and require users to share them on social media for instance before receiving the tool.

They attract the right audience. A good micro tool solves a particular problem your target audience’s having. And so, it’s bound to attract people who need it, at plenty.

They also help build links and increase online visibility. Especially if you build them around informational or ancillary keywords relating to your product.

Creating content based micro tools might seem time consuming but… you can repurpose a lot of content for them. Plus, given the amount of publicity and other benefits they offer, they’re well worth the effort.

4.    Piggy Back on Industry Influencers

I’ve already talked about the benefits of introducing your product to someone else’s audience via guest posting.

And once you do that, the next logical step is to bring that audience back to your site. Show them around. Impress them with your content. And snatch some from the influencers flock.

Here’s how:

Conduct and Publish Exclusive Expert Interviews

Invite experts to discuss a topic relevant to both their audience and your target customers. Get a deep insight from the expert and you should have her audience swarming to your site.

Why this works? Because for one, people are naturally curious about what experts have to say. And they’ll want to check out their latest interview.

Example: Guys at Groove publishing an interview with Neil Patel.


Publish Industry Roundup

This is a spin off of the exclusive interview strategy. Instead of interviewing just one expert, invite a number of them to share their opinions on a particular topic. Then round up their answers in a single post. Promote it heavily on social media and ask influencers to share the post with their audiences.


Ahrefs rounding up 20 SEOs to share the scariest moments of their careers (disclaimer: I created the roundup)


Mention and Reach Out To Influencers To Help Promote Your Content

A simple yet quite effective strategy:

Every time you mention, reference or quote an expert, let them know about it. Email them or send them a message on Twitter DM. Tell these people that you’ve quoted them or referenced their work.

And in turn, many will promote it to their audiences.

Your Turn..

I’ve shared with you 4 of my favorite content strategies guaranteed to boost a startup’s growth.

It’s your turn now to put them in practice.

No excuses…

Best of luck!

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    Good checklist. Covers the basics very well. Just to add few more points here-

    1- Topic of the content should be diversified. I mean should cover as much as FACTS as possible.

    2- A catchy title with short but elaborate message of what it contains

    3-Reach out influencers who will have the highest possibility to help ! Not all influencers would share a content only because they have been mentioned !

    There are more information related to this topic on blog.zestapps.com which may add more value for your readers on this topic. Nevertheless, a great post !

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