About SaaScribe

The SaaS Industry is booming. Every business is becoming an internet business in some shape or form and SaaS continues to be a major driving force for this sea change.

With the evolution, or should we say revolution from software to SaaS, it’s apparent that the learning is never done whether you were an early employee of Salesforce.com or have plans to start your own SaaS company.

What’s also apparent is that there is a community of SaaS people that are the hungriest to learn, to share what they know, to grow personally and help grow their startups or careers.

SaaScribe was created in early 2015 by Alex Theuma, a member of the SaaS Community, who was looking for a SaaS Startup focused publication. A publication that was Community driven to complement the wealth of great content that’s already being published by company blogs and VCs.

SaaScribe is the publication bringing you the word from the SaaS Startup Community. A publication for SaaS people by SaaS people.

We hope you continue to like it and grow with us on this SaaS fueled journey of learning.


SaaScribe’s content is only made possible by the contributions of some of the most engaged members of the SaaS Startup Community that have great stories to tell and experiences to share.

Our audience completes the community and makes SaaScribe possible through the growing readership and sharing of the articles and feedback. Within B2B SaaS, SaaScribe is read by Founders, VCs, Customer Success teams, Sales execs and SDRs, Marketing and growth professionals.


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SaaScribe is the co-organiser of local SaaS Meetup events and SaaStock Conference. See our events page for further details


Send questions or comments (no mailing lists or press releases please) to alex@saascribe.com