Dasheroo Rips the Beta Sticker Off

And makes its play for the global Business Dashboard Market In a world with millions of business users and thousands of applications, a single business, nay, a single...

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And makes its play for the global Business Dashboard Market


In a world with millions of business users and thousands of applications, a single business, nay, a single person can get wildly overwhelmed, or even die (metaphorically) with not only the daily use of a plethora of applications (a typical SMB uses 14.3 apps according to This Death By 1000 Cloud Apps report by Intermedia) but also the massively important task of tracking of the applications KPIs.

Here at SaaScribe, we know this only too well as we currently use, and are sometimes overwhelmed by the following:


and much, much more!

Feeling the weight of the apps on our shoulders and having recently been discussing the best way to track the KPIs, in one easy to use SaaS Dashboard, we stumbled fortuitously into the paths of Dasheroo, a neatly designed and simple to use business Dashboard that is ripping off its beta sticker today and officially launching.

Rip that Beta Sticker off


John Hingley is Dasheroo’s CEO and one of four Co-Founders, part of a Vertical Response Mafia, having all met and worked at the Email and Social Marketing company.

John spoke to SaaScribe about the launch and why they started the business saying ‘It came from a personal need, trying to track all my business data, or my client’s business data, all in one place so we could make smarter decisions to grow the biz. I couldn’t find anything I liked, so decided to build it. Start-up #3!’

Headquartered in the Bay Area, John also told us that they now have 1,500 users across 65 countries, who have all been acquired through word of mouth.

Dasheroo will be SMB Focused and Business Freemium focused initially, with a vast majority of SMB users not necessarily needing to graduate to a paid tier. Pricing of which is also to be unveiled today.

Dasheroo does Cool Stuff!


Having used the dashboard for a couple of weeks, We’re happy that now we can have ‘almost’ all our business apps and metrics in one place. We say ‘almost’ as there is a limited number of connectors available at launch, but the Dasheroo team have focused on having the connectors for the market leading apps, which covers 90% of what we are using internally at SaaScribe. Plans are of course afoot to open the platform up to developers and expand the connector portfolio and number of apps the dashboard will support.

Coming with pre defined insights means that the Dasheroo dashboard is making data instantly meaningful for its users, so for instance we like to look at new and returning users which is already pre-defined and can be added into the dashboard in seconds.

SaaS de facto features of built-in sharing and collaboration and a SaaS favourite benefit, ease of use to set up are all part and parcel, and frankly would be worrying for this SaaS or any other if they weren’t.

Announcing Series A Funding

John Hingley also told us the news that they had Closed $3M Series A round from Cloud Apps Capital Partners and they will look to put 80% of that into scaling up the business and hiring talent.

Now Series A is secured, Dasheroo plan to continue to iterate quickly, largely based on user feedback. This will include support for more apps, building on and expanding from current social media, www analytics and email marketing to functions including more CRM , e-commerce and billing (magento, paypal, stripe), customer support (zendesk, desk.com, etc), project management (basecamp etc) and accounting (QBO, xero).
Dasheroo’s goal is to offer any business a holistic view of their data across functional areas. So More features and functionality, including user-defined goals & alerts, contextual recommendations, ability to create own custom insights, and more workspace type features are in the works. In case you’re wondering, iOS app (dev in progress) and Android apps this summer. So the Dasheroo team will certainly be kept busy in building on what is already a cool SaaS product and going all out to be a leader in what will be a huge global market in business dashboards.

by Alex Theuma @alextheuma

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