Day In The Life Of: Andrew Fischer CEO, Choozle

Wake Up Call Wake up calls are dependent on my 3-year old son – but usually in the 5:30 range. I juggle breakfast and getting our son ready...

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Wake Up Call

Wake up calls are dependent on my 3-year old son – but usually in the 5:30 range. I juggle breakfast and getting our son ready for school while still catching up on emails with the Choozle sales team and coordinating platform demos with potential customers. This morning is a little harder because I just got back from London where I was meeting with potential EU partners and future platform operators at advertising agencies.


Ideally my day would be back-to-back demo meetings where I am showing a potential customer the Choozle platform and highlighting what makes Choozle a simple programmatic platform. In my mind, that is a great day. But I always will be working on internal meetings and strategy sessions focused on marketing, finance, operations, and product among others.

But there are a few things that are always on the docket:

Quick Google Hangout meeting with the Choozle sales team about what we’re doing for the week/day. With sales folks in New York, San Francisco, and Florida, Google Hangouts are a great way to connect with the team and make them feel like they are apart of everyday business at HQ.

Get an update about the latest in Choozle: new customers, media spend, performance, and development timeline.

Check and respond to email.

Check and stay on top of assigned sales tasks.


Mid-Morning Run

Some of my best ideas come while I am running. If possible I try to sneak in a 5-6 mile run in the middle of the day. Not only does this give me a break during the day but it helps me stay on top of my marathon training.


I’m usually working at full speed up until around 11:30 when I start feeling the rumble. I grab either a sandwich from the deli across the street or my packed lunch. During lunch I am coordinating the move to our new office. Since January we have brought on seven new employees and we are bursting at the seams.

Back to work


From 1pm to right after 4pm I am back at it. During this part of the day, I’m doing:

Chat with other co-founder and CPO, Jeffrey Finch, about the development of our EU version of Choozle.

Check in with the Choozle Client Success team about what we’ve accomplished during the day, roadblocks, and solutions.

On a call with a potential strategic partner

Reviewing marketing materials on our newest partnership with BannerFlow, a simple HTML5 ad builder tool that we have integrated into the Choozle platform.

Finishing work

There are never enough hours in the day so tasks have to be pushed to the next day. I review my to-do list and determine what can be pushed back until tomorrow and what needs to be completed in the last few hours of work.

At Home

I usually get home at around 6. The time from 6 until my son goes down to sleep at 8:30 PM is fully dedicated to my family (my wife and son). Movies, games, guests, playtime with my boy, are some of the activities of this part of the day. A great way to remove myself from work for at least a short time each day.

As the day unwinds

Often I’m back online until bedtime, especially if I’m preparing for travel or an upcoming board meeting. However, a few nights a week, I do get to kick back with my wife and catch up on Mad Men or Game of Thrones!

Twitter: @Choozle  @AndrewFischer_1 Facebook:

About Andrew:

Working on his third successful startup venture, Andrew has transformed a mere vision into a successful and high-growth technology venture called Choozle. Starting with a small investment, Choozle now operates a platform that services over 125 clients and with a revenue stream that is doubling every quarter. His second successful startup, Choozle has now raised over $6 MM in funding and has expanded nationally, and will be adding a presence in London while maintaining its headquarters in Denver.

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