Day In the Life of: Sofia Quintero CEO of NomNom Insights

Hi, my name is Sofia and I am the founder and CEO at NomNom Insights. As a founder of a very early stage startup, my days are a...

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Hi, my name is Sofia and I am the founder and CEO at NomNom Insights.

As a founder of a very early stage startup, my days are a race against time and my own bias. The routine I will share with you today is not a sustainable one and it will change dramatically as the startup moves along different stages, but I thought it would be good to share with you the madness that goes behind validating your idea, raising money, building a product and creating momentum.

At this point I am preparing for closed beta so I will describe what a typical day looks like at this stage.


I try to wake up around 6:30am every day, but it mostly depends on what time I went to bed the day before. I have a light breakfast while watching some stand up comedy on Netflix and then I get ready to take my dog, Mr.White, for a quick walk. I am working from home most of the time so I don’t have to deal with unnecessary commuting.

Park with Mr.White

During the walk with Mr.White, I go through my emails and prioritize replies. We are a remote team based in Lisbon and London so we use tools like iDoneThis, which send a nice summary at 8:00 am every morning of the stuff that got done the day before.We also use Slack so I check any important conversation I may have missed. During that time, I also have a chat with my co-founder and CTO, we do a quick stand up call and agree on what we need to achieve that day. Once the walk is over I go back home and get ready for the day.

The team in Lisbon offices.

Screenshot 2015-04-27 19.42.46
I work 4-5 solid hours between breakfast and lunch. In that time, I arrange customer development calls, arrange meetings with the team to talk about priorities, feedback on product development, design and any other item that needs to be agreed.


I have lunch around 2:00pm. I cook something easy and healthy and while it is cooking I do a quick workout. There is this crazy tabata workout that last 7 minutes.. That’s all I can do at this point. I watch something fun again on the computer for a quick break and take Mr.White for his second walk. I use the second walk to reflect on the day so far and go through more emails.
Once I am back from the second walk, I try to get another 4-5 hours of solid work before dinner. In the afternoon I normally have at least 3- 4 calls with potential customers, work on my pitch deck, financials and do more research.

Sofia Streetfighter


I have dinner around 7-8:00pm, and afterwards, I may do another quick workout, catch up with the blog posts that I have saved in Pocket and take Mr.White for his 3rd walk. I may listen to a podcast while walking and check emails again. Once I am back, I may spend a couple of hours reading, chilling and planning the next day. I am in bed around 11:00pm.

The last couple of weeks since I started working on NomNom full time have been a challenging but exciting blur. There are tons of things happening at the same time so focus is very important. There are bad days when I only get 5 hours sleep and other days that are more smooth, but this is how it rolls. I believe in working smarter and not killing yourself, but sometimes you need to combine smarts and brute force.

Maybe in a couple of months, I will be able to write a post saying that my tabata workout has been increased from 7 to 20 minutes!


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