Dinner Date with Before SaaS and Just SaaS

So my Pal Johnny Company went on two dates recently. Johnny’s been looking to grow as a person this year and realised that he needed a partner to...

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So my Pal Johnny Company went on two dates recently. Johnny’s been looking to grow as a person this year and realised that he needed a partner to help him achieve that growth and happiness.

I wanted to know how he got on, so he debriefed me over a cup of coffee on how the dates went:
*To protect their anonymity, I’ve given Pseudonyms to the dates. First date we’ll call Before SaaS or just call her BS for ease. The Second date i’ll call Just SaaS.

Date with BS

Johnny :

“First Impressions were not great. Before SaaS was 45 minutes late. When BS arrived, I was told that BS was fighting some personal fires and dealing with some life escalations and that took priority. OK, fair enough but wasn’t the greatest of starts to the night.
Also, you know me? Im not really a superficial kind of guy right? But. I’m looking for some wow effect in a partner, and BS was kind of on the, how can I say, ugly side and dressed a little dated. Like something out of the 90’s. What year are we in again? 2015? OK, just checking.

Nevertheless we’re at the restaurant and im curious to find out more about BS.
We looked at the menu from the restaurant BS had chosen, which was called Everything Upfront. Holy Cow! There was something like 400 dishes to choose from! Talk about complexity and overkill! I kept sending the waiter away as it took me forever to get through it and find something I would like.
BS said I should try all of dishes! Uh, OK. I really only want three dishes, but BS wasn’t listening and ordered almost everything on the menu. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess that a lot of food went to waste.

The conversation was OK. And I could see some good things about BS. She seems to have had a lot of experience and success in the things she has done and takes pride in that, but a lot of that was over a decade ago and BS was clinging on to that. I almost wanted to give her a good shake to wake her up to living in the present, start thinking about future and not cling on too much to the past.

Also, she gave me the impression that a relationship with her could leave me broke. Like i’d have to put a lot of money upfront into the relationship on wining and dining. Trips abroad. Just to get it going and then if it didn’t work out in 12-18 months, that would be a sunk investment. I really think the date was going one way. Can you tell?

So as you might guess, BS fell short on Johnny’s scorecard. Getting into a relationship with BS seemed a bit risky. I just told her its complicated and it wouldn’t work out and wished her luck.”

Date with Just SaaS:


“Just SaaS walked through the door and I was like, ‘Whoa! You Sexy little thing’ Just SaaS new how to market that package. Already putting points on Johnny’s Scorecard!

Just SaaS definitely was a 2015 model and then some. The Chemistry was instantaneous also. First impression a 10x improvement on BS!

Just SaaS had suggested this new Sushi subscription based restaurant called Sea Change, that she was a member of. It seemed a pretty good deal and fun place. She could eat there twice a week for $20 a month. An additional guest would be $1 per month more. We collaborated on a selection of Sushi and Salad. The food was great. Customer Service was also some kind of awesome.

Just SaaS was really easy to talk to and get along with. Just SaaS was a great listener and understood about my needs for growth and happiness. She was a lot more fun than BS. I also didn’t feel like she was hiding anything, it was pretty much what you see is what you get.

Just Saas did say she didn’t want to rush things and enter into a big commitment with anyone. She preferred to go month by month and see how things go. I liked that about her. Very a la mode. Keeps both sides on our toes and keeps us agile.

So if I could measure both dates, I was somewhat disappointed with Before SaaS and wont be seeking a second date, I think that much was clear.
Just SaaS however, I think there’s some LTV potential. Thats a Johnny Company Metric and will leave you to guess what it means.

by Alex Theuma @alextheuma

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