Alex is Co-Founder and Editor of SaaScribe. Alex is a Tech & Start-up enthusiast who watches Bloomberg west on repeat and always has an emergency copy of Fast Company in his man bag. As a massive SaaS nerd, Alex decided to set up SaaScribe out of a frustration that the topic of SaaS was not being served in an accessible format for SaaS Professionals of all levels of experience, so that they can learn about this booming industry through one easy to read and ambitiously cool online SaaS Magazine. This photo is of the left side of Alex’s face. We think.


Mike is a Co-Founder and Author at SaaScribe. Mike’s passion for all things SaaS is only matched by his penchant for terrible jokes, and even worse puns, which he passes off as charming, Irish wit. With a background in Business Economics and SaaS Product Management, Mike specialises in SaaS strategy and likes to look at SaaS news with his economist’s hat on. He follows the big players in the SaaS market and counts Satya Nadella and Marc Benioff amongst his closest stalkees. Mike is all about learning and development and wants to help SaaS professionals advance their careers. He’s also a really half-assed hipster as evidenced by his beard.



Veronica French is a growth hacker based in San Francisco with varied experience in marketing, SEO, social media, design, content and ghost writing. She has worked for several startups in Mexico City and the Bay Area, and has worked with notable authors publishing books and essays in multiple languages.


Mark Power is a SaaS professional who juggles his writing contributions to SaaScribe with lecturing at Dublin Business School and consulting. Formerly of Oracle and, he views SaaS as a radical force for good particularly from a start-up and small business perspective. When he is not looking out the window on soporific summer evenings, he likes sports, politics, and everything that’s inspiring.

matthew buckley

Matthew Buckley is a Marketing Manager at New Breed Marketing, based out of Burlington, VT. He is an aficionado of all things SaaS, and specializes in developing successful inbound, content and growth marketing programs and systems. When not at the office, he can be found out skiing, hiking or riding his bike.


Kenny Fraser’s wisdom has been attained via 20 years experience advising global companies in Mobile Communications and Technology sectors. In 2013, he founded Sunstone Communication and provides consulting to startups, workshops for startups is behind the Scotland SaaS Meetup community, whilst sitting on the board as a non exec director and acting as a mentor to a number of SaaS Startups such as Mallzee, Appointedd, nexXva and Hermes Apps. He’s pretty much the Marc Andreessen of Glasgow.


Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré is a SaaS Consultant and Customer Success Evangelist. She is a moderator at Product Hunt and and was previously responsible for Growth at and was the Head of Content at Growth Hacker TV.