Email on Steroids – Mailchimp Review

Or 10 Things we love about Mailchimp  In last weeks SaaScribe, SaaS Tools of a blogger, we called out Mailchimp as one of the services that helped us...

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Or 10 Things we love about Mailchimp 

In last weeks SaaScribe, SaaS Tools of a blogger, we called out Mailchimp as one of the services that helped us to our launch. We kinda lied to you on that. Because we hadn’t really used it yet. Only selected Mailchimp, for our email list builder and newsletter to help drive awareness, based on word of mouth referral for its supposed awesomeness. One week in and we are hooked. Here’s 10 reasons why:

  1. Its Email on Steroids – We’re Talking Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pumping Iron Era. Its Beefed up what normal email has been able to do (on the marketing front). More Heavy lifting with an improved aesthetic quality, yet simple *We at SaaScribe do not condone the use of Steroids by Email Services in anyway
  2.  Easy to use – Its intuitive with a  Clean UI and oh so simple. Mailchimp is used for 5 key services 1.campaigns 2. Email/Newsletter templates. 3.Lists (building & Managing) 4. Reports 5. Automation.
  3. Free!!! (partially) – There are 3 main pricing plans: 1.Entrepreneur – which is free and our current plan. 2. Growing Business – from $10 up to $25/month depending on volume of emails/subscribers. 3.High Volume Sender – One for the big boys sending over a million emails per month – $425 up to $525/month
  4. Bags of personality – SaaScribe like companies that don’t take themselves too seriously. From its name & logo right through to its quirky marketing – monkey hats for cats, anyone?
  5. Gives good Data – Its reporting dashboards and metrics are part of its addictive appeal, as you watch your percentage of email opens and click throughs go up, stall, and go up further before hitting its max opens/clicks. When I’m not watching my desktop dashboard, i’m taking sneak peaks at my mobile app dashboard whilst eating dinner.
  6. Previews – Mailchimp allows for previews and test emails, to help people like me not balls it up.
  7. Drag and Drop – We like drag and drop. New SaaS start-ups take note. Include drag and drop where you can.
  8. Makes you smarter – Provides you with intel on subscriber behaviour.
  9. Mobile App – You don’t lose anything from the desktop app and as mentioned in point 5, allows for a cheaky glance at your stats when your away from your desk
  10. No Need for customer support – I appreciate email/newsletters are not rocket science, but Im a fan of plug and play. I appreciate the different levels of complexity from the SaaS tools used for enabling SaaScribe, however for the readers information I’ve had tens of interactions with wordpress support (which has been excellent) & complexity of getting Office365 up and running, having to phone a friend & O365 expert when stumped. No tutorials needed for Mailchimp and no technical issues. Big tick in my book
by Alex Theuma @alextheuma
  • Our reviews section are objective and we are not paid to review products. 

Do you agree or disagree with our love in with Mailchimp?

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