Finding Product Market Fit As a Non-Technical Founder – John Ndege, CEO of Pocket Risk

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A 15 minute talk from the recent London SaaS Meetup from John Ndege, Founder and CEO of Pocket Risk on Finding Product/Market Fit

In this video you will learn:

  • The origin story of Pocket Risk, an online investment risk questionnaire for financial advisors and bootstrapped SaaS startup
  • How John went about building a profitable and sustainable bootstrapped SaaS business as a Non-Technical, Single founder
  • 4 Problems on the startup journey faced by Pocket Risk and how the strategies used to overcome them
  • Why John spoke to 354 prospects and customers for 30 minutes each in 2014 and the outcome
  • Despite being a profitable and growing SaaS business within 2 years, what John would do next time from lessons learnt.


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