How to raise seed and series A funding

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Panel discussion from the second Dublin SaaS Meetup, at the NDRC featuring 3 of Europe’s leading VCs:


Conor Stanley – Founder of Tribal VC

Will Prendergast – Founding Partner of Frontline Ventures

Brian Caulfield – Partner at Draper Esprit

In this video you will hear the panel discuss

  • If they ever invest without seeing customer validation or traction
  • If it is more attractive if a founder/co-founders have shown they can bootstrap before looking to raise? And If so why?
  • What the most important elements of a pitch deck are.
  • How you calculate the size of the round that you are asking for.
  • If you’re looking for Seed capital, how many seed stage VCs should you be pitching too
  • And more
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