Improve Your Social Media Presence in 6 Steps

As any marketer knows, I can’t stress enough the tremendous value of social media. I’ve landed projects, media opportunities, made friends, and even know a couple of folks...

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As any marketer knows, I can’t stress enough the tremendous value of social media. I’ve landed projects, media opportunities, made friends, and even know a couple of folks who met their future spouses through Twitter (not suggesting you try this). Though this isn’t the purpose of this post, I want to bring home the point that in order to truly reap the benefits of social media we must understand that social media is in fact, well, social.

Where else can you find such a massive marketplace of potential customers, competitors, press and other industry influencers? Probably an expo but those are lame. Whether your goal is branding, thought leadership, traction or capturing leads, everyone can benefit from social if they do it right. Here are six tips to get you going:

1. Provide Value


I’ve drilled down on this before in earlier posts, and I’ll do it again: always provide value. It’s ok to self-promote here and there, but people to turn to you because you have something interesting to share that they didn’t know before. Share your own posts and resources, but also be humble and share news, data or tips from other sources.

2. Keep The Ball Rolling

The Ball

Have only one post? No problem. Schedule shares of the same post over the course of months trying out different titles. Share a quote, statistic, question or fact from the same blog post. Check out what titles are gaining the most traction and take note of what people like.

3. Be Pretty

Pretty Blond Swedish Bikini Swimsuit Beach Girl Goddess with Blue Blue Eyes!

People don’t have time anymore and are more aesthetically aware than ever. We are exposed to so much branding, advertising, photography and illustrations that our eyes are highly trained to identify what looks attractive and what doesn’t. So although people are harsher judgers than ever, it’s still incredibly worth it to add some visual appeal to your shares. In the process you’ll also find your aesthetic appeal.

4. Engage With Your People

Talking Heads

Every mention, retweet and favorite is golden. Take the time to personally reply and engage with your audience. Keep it short and simple, but people love a good interaction. It’s flattering and shows that there is a real human being behind the curtain, a comforting thought.

5. Warm Up To Thought Leaders

Thought Leaders

You’re not the only one out there in the social media realm; others are sharing awesome content and resources. Identify the folks in your industry that have a huge following, specialize in a particular set of expertise and have demonstrated themselves as individuals with authority and knowledge. Warm up to them little by little, favoriting, retweeting, sharing their content and shouting them out, and then, if you’re seeing a good response, reach out to them directly and see how you can collaborate in some fashion or other. You want an all-star network you can rely upon and mutually share audiences.

6. Track What People Like

electronic data processing system

After just a few weeks of activity you’ll start to notice trends. Maybe your audience feels really compelled by all the fun facts your sharing, or maybe they like it when you’re a little quirky and personable, or perhaps they love the compelling articles you are sharing from leading media outlets. No need to get too fancy with your analytics, simply start identifying trends and continue to play around with your messaging.

by Veronica French @veronicafrenchy

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