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Life is a series of elevator pitches. That’s a message I got when listening to the Uber cool and also somewhat bonkers, Slack variety pack podcast #5.

So that inspired me to think about creating SaaScribe’s first infographic, featuring some of the hottest SaaS companies right now. So I reached out to Hubspot, Newswhip, Slack, Wrike, NewVoiceMedia, Xero and Vidyard to see if their elevator pitches are as good as the SaaS companies behind them.

I think they nailed it, but you be the judge. Here’s 7 floors of 7 elevator pitches from 7 great SaaS companies that we hope will inspire you to create an awesome elevator pitch for your own startup or company.

download the infographic as a pdf Life’s a Pitch

by Alex Theuma @alextheuma

I welcome your thoughts on the elevator pitches in the comments section below. Did you have a favourite?

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