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I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this – promoting content is so freaking hard.

And undoubtedly, the biggest hurdle is actually figuring out where to submit your posts to drive more relevant traffic, isn’t it?

Lucky for you, that’s what I decided to help you with today.

In this post, I’ll show you 20 places to submit your content to amplify and position it in front of your target audience.

Ready? Let’s go then.

#1: Online Communities

As the category name suggests, online communities gather together professionals interested in sharing and discussing information and opinions related to their chosen field.

Most communities allow members to share content with others, and also, upvote their favorite pieces.

As I’m sure you realize, your post will attract the most attention, if you’ve also engaged with the community – shared, voted, and commented on other people’s content.

(TIP: It’s also a good practice to reach out to members you know, asking them for upvotes on your posts, to help push them higher in rankings.)

The most popular online communities to submit content include:

  1. Targets: Digital Marketers. Topics: Anything digital marketing, from advertising, through content, email, sales, to web development.
  2. Growth Hackers. Targets: Startup Founders Topics: Similar to, however, with more emphasis on growth hacking and startups.
  3. Closing Call. Targets: Salespeople Topics: Anything sales-related, from strategy to closing deals.
  4. Targets: SaaS Founders Topics: SaaS (obviously!)
  5. Flipboard. Targets: Various Audiences Topics: Anything, from Tech to Health and Photography.
  6. Firespotting. Targets: Startups Topics: Varied but mostly startup-oriented.
  7. BizSugar. Targets: Small business owners Topics: Anything small business-related, from business to marketing to sales, and more.
  8. Targets: Bootstrapping Founders Topics: Anything startup-related (marketing, management, sales, business, saas, etc.)

#2: Tweet-Exchange Networks

These sites help you amplify your content on social media.

With tweet exchange networks you can submit content for others to tweet or share on other social networks.

And as the name suggests, many of these sites let you earn points by sharing other people’s content, that you could use then to submit your pieces. (Having said that, some also offer the option to pay for submission.)

The most popular tweet-exchange networks include:

  1. ViralContentBee. A classic tweet-exchange network, allowing you to earn points by sharing other people’s content, and then, use them to promote your stuff too. Good to amplify content on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon.
  2. JustRetweet. A similar platform to ViralContentBee, in which you let others share your content, and pay for it with credits (that, again, you can use by sharing others’ content too).
  3. CoPromote. A cross-promotion network, bringing together people interested in helping each other to promote their content. CoPromote is a paid platform, with monthly plans from $49 to $499.
  4. QuuuPromote. Another paid social promotion tool. However, unlike CoPromote, with Quuu, you only pay per campaign you run (with prices ranging from $10 to $30, depending on your target audience).

#3: Online Publications

Reposting content to other media offers an incredible opportunity to reach a wider audience, without having to create more original content.

(And if you’re wondering how this strategy works, check out my podcast interview with Hannah Chaplin, the CEO of Receptive, during which we discussed how she uses reposting to boost their content views.)

At a minimum, you should repost your articles to the following sites:

  1. Linkedin Pulse. Ln should be the first place you republish your content. When doing so, make sure that you reference the original content, and share the URL, to avoid issues with SEO.
  2. Medium. Medium includes an option to submit a story and it automatically optimizes it to avoid any potential SEO-related problems that might stem from having the same content indexed twice by Google.
  3. A relatively new source, Publish allows you to submit your content, and promote it to other users.

#4. Newsletters

It’s an ideal scenario – to have someone mentioning your content to their email audience. After all, given the effectiveness of the media, it almost guarantees traffic and exposure.

The challenge? Convincing newsletter owners to include your piece isn’t that easy, right?

Luckily, some newsletters regularly welcome submissions. (However, it’s worth remembering that whether they include your article or not is entirely up to their editors).

Here are some of them:

  1. Foundora. For: Entrepreneurs.
  2. SaaS Club. (Note, I’m not 100% sure if the site is still active. I reached out to them recently but received no reply).
  3. Foundersgrid. This newsletter, read by over 11000 founders, offers a paid sponsorship opportunities (worth to note – it’s not cheap :(.

#5. Other

Finally, here are two other content amplification strategies you could use:

  1. Answer questions relating to your post, and include the link to the full piece in your answer.
  2. Create a public bookmark list. If anything, it will help you add one additional backlink to your post.

And that’s it.

Are there any other online places where you submit and amplify your content?

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