Top 5 Professors of SaaS Marketing

Students of SaaS, your SaaS Marketing lectures are about to begin! The second semester at the school of SaaSonomics, for SaaSophiles of all ages, is all in on...

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Students of SaaS, your SaaS Marketing lectures are about to begin! The second semester at the school of SaaSonomics, for SaaSophiles of all ages, is all in on the subject of Marketing. Remember, The School of SaaSonomics is 100% free and is taught by the worlds leading professors of SaaS, available online now! For this series we will bring you the leading SaaS Professors in each of their arts and tell you where to find their class. The classes we’ll be looking at in the series will include: SaaS Metrics, SaaS Marketing, Customer Success, Sales and Entrepreneurship.

Heres our Top 5 Professors of SaaS Marketing:

Mike Volpe – CMO Hubspot

Mike-Volpe-2A member of the MIT-Sloan Mafia that form the leadership team at Hubspot, a marketing software company that coined the term Inbound Marketing. Professor Mike Volpe’s Inbound Marketing class includes the following Modules: Blogging, SEO, Video Marketing, Social Marketing amongst others. Students have the opportunity to learn the cutting edge Inbound Marketing techniques that helped grow hubspot from a 3 person company working in a garage to a $Billion Dollar company. His weekly live class can be found here

Bill Macaitis – CMO Slack

bill macaitisProfessor Bill Macaitis formerly taught marketing at Zendesk, Salesforce, Rotten Tomatoes, Myspace amongst others. So he’s able to bring both B2C and B2B experience into his Marketing methods currently being served up at Silicon Valleys hottest SaaS company, Slack. Some might call Bill crazy, for joining a company that had been killing it at marketing and growth, with no apparent head of marketing. So will be super interesting to see how Bill builds on top of the runaway success so far. One of Bills lectures, The 9 marketing disciplines of great SaaS Companies, was noted down and republished by another professor of SaaS, Tom Tunguz. Read it here on Toms blog

Mark DiCristina – Director of Marketing Mailchimp

mark-dicristinaProfessor Mark DiCristina’s lectures on marketing are amongst the most creative taught at The School of SaaSonomics. Marks Marketing Methods at Mailchimp, or the Four Ms, have grown a large fan base owing to its outside of the box nature. Or perhaps you can call it quirky marketing? Examples being the fabled monkey hats for cats, propaganda posters, merchandise giveaways and generally putting the F into marketing. F stands for Fun by the way. Mark has been one of our SaaSStar Interviews. Read it here
Noah Kagan – Chief Sumo AppSumo


Noah Kagan doesn’t teach the Japanese art of Sumo wrestling. Which may have caused one or two people inappropriately attired for his class, but rather The Sumo way of marketing. AppSumo is The GroupOn for web Apps which Noah Founded in 2010 and out of that has built SumoMe, a suite of Apps designed to help you grow your website’s traffic. Therefore the Sumo Way of marketing is very much the Growth way of marketing and will provide you with the hints and tips on the best applications to market and grow your business as well as lessons on email list building.

Craig Miller – CMO Shopify

craig millerOur Fifth and Final SaaS Professor of Marketing is Craig Miller, CMO of Shopify. Craig has been part of the team at Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, that saw growth from 15,000 customers to 150,000 customers, in less than 4 years and Shopify has just filed its F-1 and is primed to go Public. Impressive. Craig’s class at The School of SaaSonomics is a hybrid of e-commerce and growth marketing and even has its own e-commerce University

Next Week We’ll look at the Top 5 Professors of Customer Success. You’ve got Marketing homework to do. Class dismissed.

by Alex Theuma @alextheuma

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  1. Ray Carroll

    Solid list. Think you’ve got to add Jon Miller and Maria Pergolino. Both now Marketo alumni, but they are amazing.

    Ray Carroll

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