Top 5 SaaS Professors of Customer Success

Students of SaaS, you’ve attended your SaaS Metrics class and you’ve started to learn from the Masters of Metrics. You’ve swotted up last week on SaaS Marketing with...

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Students of SaaS, you’ve attended your SaaS Metrics class and you’ve started to learn from the Masters of Metrics. You’ve swotted up last week on SaaS Marketing with these 5 professors of SaaS Marketing. Now the School of SaaSonomics bell has rung for Customer Success classes to begin!

Remember, The School of SaaSonomics is 100% free and is taught by the worlds leading professors of SaaS online. For this series we will bring you the leading SaaS Professors in each of their arts and tell you where to find their class. The classes we’ll be looking at in the series will include: SaaS Metrics, SaaS Marketing, Customer Success, Sales and Entrepreneurship.

Heres our Top 5 Customer Success Professors:

Lincoln Murphy – Customer Success Evangelist, Gainsight


Professor Lincoln Murphy, is well known for his classes on Growth Hacking at Sixteen Ventures, but perhaps its his classes on Customer Success that are the amongst the best attended at the School of SaaSonomics. Currently evangelising about Customer Success at Gainsight, students of Professor Lincoln Murphy’s class would have seen their Customer Success knowledge vastly expanded from studying such lessons as Customer Success Definition, How to Measure Customer Success and combining both disciplines of growth hacking and customer success, this lecture on 10 Customer Success Growth Hacks. *Owing to the rules of the School of SaaSonomics, whereby no two professors from the same company can make the top 5, Lincoln ousts the popular Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight by virtue of Lincoln’s vast library of Customer Success lessons.

Guy Nirpaz – CEO Totango



Professor Guy Nirpaz Customer Success classes at the school of SaaSonomics are widely published and recommended reading. To help you where to find them, You’ll find Guy teaching at Totango and the Customer Success Summit. We’d recommend his keynote from the 3rd annual customer success summit here and Guy/Totango are behind the Customer Success manifesto which you can find here

Des Traynor – Chief Strategy Officer, Intercom



There’s a trend with the top 5 SaaS Professors of customer success, in that the professors all excel at duel disciplines, whether its growth hacking and customer success, content marketing and customer success etc. Professor Des Traynor teaches on UX and Product Design as well as Customer Success. Heres a great 15min talk from Professor Des Traynor on Product Strategy and Customer Success Watch it to find out why “Using Software is the new smoking a cigarrette”. Whilst Professor Des Traynor leads the product strategy charge for the rather awesome Intercom, part of the new wave of disruptive SaaS CRM companies, he has been writing and teaching about Customer Success on the Inside Intercom blog Here’s a Professor Des Traynor customer success lesson, ‘THE LOW HANGING FRUIT OF USER ONBOARDING‘, that’s a must read for your curriculum.


Grace Boyle – Director Customer Success, Kapost



From Employee number 3 at Kapost, serving as its Director of Marketing and Sales, to being named in Forbes top 100 websites for women, with Grace’s blog (*not customer success related), Grace is now Director of Customer Success at Kapost, a content marketing platform. Active within the Customer Success Community Professor Grace Boyle Fuses the topic of content into her Customer Success classes. Heres an A grade example:

Chad Horenfeldt – VP Customer Success, Influitive

chad horenfeldt


Last but no means least is Professor Chad Horenfeldt. With more than 14 years of experience in building customer success teams and currently VP of Customer Success at Influitive a B2B advocate marketing SaaS, Professor Chad Horenfeldt has customer success chops. You’ll find some great lessons at and also on linkedin such as this lesson ‘Building Your Customer Success Team: Knowing When to Specialize’.

Next Week We’ll look at the Top 5 Professors of Sales. You’ve got SaaSonomics homework to do. Class dismissed.

by Alex Theuma @alextheuma

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