Top 5 SaaS Professors of Sales

Students of SaaS, it’s the penultimate SaaS Professors list and soon you will be entrusted to use what you have learnt from our SaaS Professors in the real...

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Students of SaaS, it’s the penultimate SaaS Professors list and soon you will be entrusted to use what you have learnt from our SaaS Professors in the real world. Now class begins for Sales.

Sales is one of the least taught skills and subjects at any school, real or quasi real like the best school in the whole god damn world, The School Of SaaSonomics! Our SaaS Professors in this list are starting to change that with their widely available A* lessons on selling. (A* standing for Awesome)

Remember, The School of SaaSonomics is 100% free and is taught by the world’s leading professors of SaaS online. For this series we have been bringing you the leading SaaS Professors in each of their arts and telling you where to find their class. The classes we’ve looked at in the series so far: SaaS Metrics, SaaS Marketing, Customer Success.

Heres our Top 5 SaaS Sales Professors:

Aaron Ross – Predictable Revenue

Aaron ross
Professor Aaron Ross is the author of the best selling and legendary book on growing your SaaS business,‘Predictable Revenue: Turn your business into a Sales machine with $100 Million Best Practices of

Having written THE book on building an outbound Sales Machine for SaaS Companies, Professor Aaron’s classes are oversubscribed by SaaS Founders and Sales VP’s alike. But we recommend that his classes on SaaS Sales also be attended by hungry Sales Development Representatives that want to learn from the best and be the best.

Asides from THE book You can find Professor Aaron Ross at the chalk board here, where you can learn how to Triple your Qualified Leads, Specialise your Sales Roles and Energise your People.

It’s also highly recommended to download and read the e-book ‘The Predictable Revenue Guide to Tripling your Sales’ written collaboratively by Professor Aaron Ross and Professor Jason Lemkin. A heavyweight SaaS Professor combo packing a SaaSonomic punch.

Mark Roberge – CRO Hubspot

Professor Mark Roberge is the latest of the School of SaaSonomics to publish a book on building a Sales Machine and receiving high praise from another of our SaaS Professors, Professor Tomasz Tunguz, to be THE best book on building a Sales Team.

The Sales Acceleration Formula, using Data, Technology and Inbound Selling to get from $0 to $100 Million is the subject of Professor Mark Roberge’s must attend classes. Taking a data driven, quantifiable and scientific approach to Sales, to create a Sales Formula that Proved to be super successful at Hubspot. You only have to go and do one thing. Read the book. Now. Available here

If you didn’t already, check out Professor Mark Speaking with SaaScribe earlier this month here.

Max Altschuler – CEO Sales Hacker Inc

Max altschuler

Teaching New School SaaSonomics Sales, is Professor Max Altschuler. An entrepreneur who was the second hire at Udemy, a MOOC marketplace, Professor Max Altschuler is now teaching Sales and specialising in Sales Automation and Tech Sales at an online community for Sales professionals. The online community and Sales lessons come to life in the real world with the Sales Hacker Conference which is touring the globe and will soon be enlightening Sales Professionals in New York, Dublin, Toronto and San Fran with the Sales 2.0 playbook of the Sales Hack.

Professor Max’s book, Hacking Sales is our Third Must read Sales Book for Entrepreneurs, Sales Reps and Sales Managers in the SaaS Industry.

Steli Efti – CEO

Professor Steli Efti is a serial entrepreneur and natural born Salesman. As CEO of, a disruptive CRM platform for Inside Sales professionals, Professor Steli gives inspirational talks to SaaS Founders and Sales Reps which The School of SaaSonomics implores you to listen to.
Watch ‘Hustle Hard’Get your Sales Game to the next level here and check out the blog for regular and compact video lessons to help you up your Sales game.

The Fourth book in the Sales Curriculum is Professor Steli Efti’s ‘The ultimate Startup Guide to Outbound Sales’ and we’re expecting more books to come from Professor Steli Efti in the future on the art of The Sales Hustle and Sales Hack.

You can also check out what he had to say to SaaScribe in this interview

Jim Herbold – CRO Infer Inc

jim herbold
Professor Jim Herbold, is one of our most distinguished Professors at The School of SaaSonomics. His credentials include helping three SaaS companies achieve huge growth and exits. Top of the pile was the 6 years spent as EVP Sales at Box, helping Box to its IPO and $2 Billion valuation.

Jim is yet to publish a book, however his published works available online include The rise of the Chief Revenue Officer: Silicon Valley’s new secret sauce and the wonderfully titled Ever Tasted Grilled Unicorn? Lessons Forged In Hyper-Growth Fires.

Next Week We’ll look at the Top 5 Professors of Entrepreneurship. You’ve got SaaSonomics Sales homework to do. Class dismissed.

by Alex Theuma @alextheuma

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    So many to add to this list. David Skok. Joel York. Jason Lemkin. Lincoln Murphy. Can you expand it to the Top 20??


      HI Trish, Indeed there could be 20 but we made a call to go with 5 for this series. You’ll see Jason Lemkin and David Skok are in our SaaS Metrics Heavyweights post and Lincoln Murphy in The Top SaaS Professors of Customer Success Post.

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