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Slack-based Customer Success Ideas to Amaze & Delight Your Customers

Slack customer service has been making headlines in tech communities. Some say it’s a crowd-pleaser and a time-saver, others say the opposite. In short: A few forward-thinking companies are using Slack not just for internal team communication, but also for customer communications.

But, if you’ve ever gotten into an argument with a significant other via text message, you know that you can’t express everything with words alone.

Words are awkward.

They can be misleading and confusing or imply the wrong sentiment all together. Use too few words, and the reader thinks you’re callous and uncaring. Use too many and they’ll just think you’re weird. Without the benefit of visual aids, vocal inflections and physical gestures, communication, especially between strangers, is tough.

When it comes to customer service and customer success, clear communication is vital. But clarity isn’t the only goal. That communication also has to be fun and engaging. It has to tell the customer “I care about you, your experience, and your success.” And, each communication should make the client stop and think “Wow, I need to tell my friends about this company.”

That’s a tall order to place on faulty words, so some companies are beginning to bring in visual communication tools to use with Slack, like CloudApp.

Faster, Cheaper, More Effective Customer Service & Success Communications

“We’ve been trying out this new tool that allows us to respond to technical support questions or onboarding issues with individual videos for specific users. Like, ‘Hey, this video is for Jennifer. We saw that you have 95 people on your team, and you haven’t had a chance to get started on DocSend just yet, so we wanted to show you a couple of cool features I think you’d find extremely useful.’” – Ari Klein, Head of Customer Success at DocSend

Are custom-tailored Help videos the new wave of Customer Success? Maybe. When your goals are to get an existing user over a particular hurdle in a way that surprises and delights them, a quick, personalized video does the trick like nothing else. The best part is, videos can be fast and easy to make, typically taking less time than composing an email response to a question.

But if you’ve tried sending screenshots or making videos without an app to speed up the process… well, there’s a reason you’re not doing it already, right? It takes forever.

And when you’ve got a Slack window open with a user typing like thunder on the other end, you can’t afford to take your time.

Enter CloudApp.

For a quick question, like “Hey, how do I change the background color?” a screenshot might be all you need. So instead of typing out “Look at the top right section of your screen, find the tiny wheelie thing with spokes on it, click, then choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu,” you can take a screenshot with a link for instant sharing. You can even annotate the screenshot and draw a big red circle around the hard-to-find feature.

But for more complex issues, nothing beats showing and telling with video.

For example, if you have a Customer Success program that alerts you when customers are having trouble, you can send a 5-minute video via email to help those clients with the next steps in an incredibly personal, and unusual, way (before they even ask a question!).

Ari Klein of DocSend makes video recordings of himself greeting customers, asking if they need help, or alerting them of new features that might be useful to them (hello upselling!): “People can see our smiling faces, our screens, our messy desks – they know you’re a real human sitting in your office – humanizing customer success is incredibly powerful.”

Sending a video is also much easier than asking for a meeting, scheduling the meeting, and firing up a screen share. Most importantly, video messages get your message across conveniently for the client – which is important, since inconvenient messages are closed, unsubscribed to, and trashed.

Don’t want to be the star of the show? Then don’t record yourself – record your screen. Ideal for showing customers how to use a feature or answer a question, creating a shareable screen recording as a GIF or HD video takes minutes.

If you’re a customer success agent, for example, and you notice that a recently onboarded customer hasn’t used the product yet, that would be the perfect time to create a custom video to help them get reengaged (increasing retention, reducing churn, and really impressing them in the process).

When it comes to having the biggest impact on customer experience for the least amount of time and money, videos featuring real people talking to real people have delight written all over them. The ability to send these resources instantly over Slack just sweetens the deal.

Companies that use screenshots, recordings and webcam videos in Customer Service and Success are reaping the rewards in referrals, retention, and growth. One-on-one, personal communication is something customers aren’t used to getting through their computer. When you deliver it, they’ll remember. And tell their friends.

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